Wyoming’s Finest Mule Deer 2nd Edition


Wyoming’s Finest Mule Deer, by David & Gia Long, is full of amazing color and high-resolution photos of some of Wyoming’s biggest bucks! From record book trophies to big bucks taken throughout the state, the stories and photos will have you enjoying every page. If you are a mule deer fanatic, this book needs to be in your collection!

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The new 2020 Edition of Wyoming’s Finest Mule Deer features an unbelievable collection of stories and photos of some of Wyoming’s biggest mule deer bucks! This book, written by David and Gia Long follows up the popular first edition with updated record book trophies, and hundreds of other bucks with short stories taken over the past decades in Wyoming! Turn the pages and enjoy highlighted records, living legends, and short stories from Wyoming’s successful mule deer hunters! Get your copy today! In stock and shipping!