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Brad Carter’s Early Season Gear List

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By far the most asked question for us is what gear we are using. So we thought we’d put together some gear lists and let you know exactly what we’re carrying into the backcountry on our hunts. You’ve probably head the saying: “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.” This is particularly true with hunting gear and preferences …

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Digiscoping: The Best Way to Take Photos & Video through Your Optics

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Whether you want to take footage of animals on your hunts, the winter range, or record videos of your long-range steel target shooting, It is easy to capture and share these moments with today’s digiscoping products. Let’s look at a couple of options, the pros and cons and compare custom fit adapters to Universal Adapters. With any of these products, …

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Don’t Sit at Home This Hunting Season!

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It can happen, but it shouldn’t. I’m talking about answering a question with:  “I didn’t draw anything.” Don’t let yourself come into a hunting season with no tags in your pocket. In this article we’ll look at ways to make sure you always have some opportunities to get out and hunt every year. Get familiar With Your Home State: The …

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Nevada Sets Restrictions on Shed Hunting

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Over the past few years, shed antler hunting/gathering seasons are becoming more common. arlier this year Colorado implemented a season and this week Nevada followed suit by passing a new season through the legislature that will make gathering shed antlers illegal from Jan 1. – April 30 in Elko, Eureka, Lander, Lincoln, Nye, and White Pine Counties. This impaces the …

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Application Reminder: Wyoming Elk

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Hunt Application Reminder: Wyoming Elk One of the first western states to accept applications is Wyoming. The application period for Wyoming Non-resident Elk opened Jan 1 and will close on Jan 31st. Wyoming’s elk tag allocations are high with many elk populations exceeding objective. Remember the price increase this year on almost every Wyoming license/tag. For a full list of …

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Utah Approves Additional Deer Season and More

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At a recent wildlife board meeting on Nov. 30th, the Utah Wildlife Board approved a few changes to upcoming hunting seasons in Utah. Here are the approved changes: Split Deer season into 2 seasons in nine units. The early season will be 5 days long and coincide with the general elk hunt and will run from October 10 – 14. …

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Wyoming to Increase Fees for 2018

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Wyoming has announced licence fee changes going into effect Jan 1, 2018. While fees are increasing across the board, the non-resident increases are significantly higher. Non-resident deer tags are increasing from $312 to $374 (regular draw) while residents are seeing a change from $38 to $42. License fee increases are part of the game and Wyoming hasn’t seen an increase …