Wyoming’s Top Hunt Units

By Species:



  1. Area 7: Quite a bit of private land, with a good map a hunter can kill a really big bull. 400 inch bulls in the unit
  2. Area 31: This is a really fun hunt. Roads make this small unit very accessible. This hunt is not what it was a few years ago. You should see a lot of elk, but not very many really big ones. This should be a fun hunt for a bow hunter looking to kill any six point bull.
  3. Area 30: Pinion Juniper Country with a lot of good bulls.
  4. Area 24: This hunt has a rather short season, but has a lot of good bulls.
  5. Area 100: Unique opportunity to hunt elk in a desert setting. Mostly smaller 6 points with a few non-typical bulls.
  6. *General: Wyoming’s General Elk Hunt provides good opportunity for hunters to harvest some very nice bulls. Every year open and public season elk hunters harvest many bulls exceeding 350 inches. But don’t go into this hunt expecting to kill a bull much over 300″. If you hunt hard, have access to horses, and know some of the areas, mature six points can be killed consistently.


  1. Area 119: This hunt also catches the Mule Deer rut. A lot of Nice bucks on this unit during the hunt.
  2. Area 87: This is a great hunt for a 170 class buck. There are bigger bucks around, hunt hard, you’ll find a nice one.
  3. Area 157/170 type 3: Whitetail hunt. A lot of private land, access can be obtained from a few landowners.
  4. Area 102: This unit is a bit overhyped but has a lot of deer with a few really big bucks mixed in. You’ll have to hunt hard to find the big ones though.
  5. General Regions: Wyoming’s General regions can be purchased by residents OTC, and can be drawn with few (1-3) points by non-residents. These units provide good opportunity for hunters to harvest big bucks, Especially in the western side of the state. This is very rugged country, horses, ATV’s, and preseason scouting are recommended.

Pronghorn (Antelope)

If you are looking for an Antelope hunt, Wyoming is the place to go. As far as opportunity goes, it can’t be beat and nearly every hunt area has good bucks. It’s just a matter of putting in the time and finding the buck you are after. While many states have excellent Antelope hunting, a hunt in Wyoming can be done nearly every year on leftover licenses and ever 2-4 years in a great units through the public draw system. To learn more about leftover license antelope hunting read our featured article: Wyoming’s Second Chance Antelope.

  1. AntelopeArea 58: This unit has some very big Antelope, a lot ofpublic land, and low pressure due to a very limited number of available tags.
  2. Area 57: This unit also has some very big Antelope, a good amount of public land and few tags.
  3. Area 60: This unit is similar to the above units. Big bucks, public land and few tags.
  4. Area 61: Also similar to above mentioned units. A ton of public land, few tags and a chance for a great buck.
  5. Area 63: This unit is relatively easy to draw. Mostly Public land with some really nice bucks. Area 75: Good area, fairly easy to draw with a few points.
  6. Area 88, 89, 93, and bordering units: These units have a lot of antelope and a lot of available tags. Any unit in this part of the state is full of antelope. These units are great if you happen to have a region H or G deer tag or an elk tag for the Wyoming range. Bucks scoring in the upper 70’s will be seen with a rare chance at finding a buck over 80.
  7. Area 85: Antelope hunt in the shadow of the Tetons. Only 15 tags and a long season will make for a very memorable hunt. Can’t beat the scenery.

Rocky Mtn. Bighorn Sheep

Montana may be the mecca of sheep hunting, but don’t overlook Wyoming. While you probably won’t be passing up 180 rams hoping for a larger one. A few units in Wyoming have very healthy sheep herds and are a great place to get a crack at a 160 – 170 inch ram, with a few larger taken every year.

  1. Area 5 Sheep
    This Ram was taken in Wyoming’s Area 5 in 2009.

    Area 24: CLOSED

  2. Area 5: This is a great sheep area. There are a lot of available tags, and a lot of animals. These tags can be drawn in the random draw because there are a lot of available tags. Opportunity is high on this hunt. A couple of 170+ rams are taken each year. A good ram off this unit will score in the mid to high 160’s. This hunt consists of a lot of wilderness area which may make it difficult as a DIY hunt for some non-residents.
  3. Area 12: This unit has only been open for a couple of years. There is only one tag available and there is also no wilderness on this hunt.only open for 3 years, 1 tag, no wilderness. Recommended for max point holders.
  4. Area 4: This unit is similar to area 5. A lot of tags, mostly wilderness. There are a few 170+ rams taken on this unit every year. A 160 ram is a really nice ram for this unit.


Wyoming moose hunting has historically been about as good as it gets. However, in recent years disease and predation have resulted in a decrease in moose populations. Tags are being cut statewide due to disease and predation. That being said, there are still a few good bulls to be found statewide.

  1. Area 38: Snowy Range. This unit is considered the best in the state.  Not many tags and a very difficult draw.
  2. Area 42: Bighorn Mountains. This is a great unit with a lot of big bulls. Difficult draw, about 5 tags available.
  3. Area 1: Difficult to draw, big bulls.
  4. Area 27: This is a decent unit that is a much easier draw than the above mentioned units. Don’t expect the quality of bulls as the above units, but there is a decent chance for a book bull.

Mountain Goat

Wyoming only has 2 hunt areas for mountain goats. Area 1 is in the Beartooth range, and is probably a wilderness hunt. Area 2 is in the Snake River range, without wilderness, which may be important to non-residents. Either of these hunts would make for a great hunt. These hunts are drawn at random and are very difficult to draw. Odds are generally less than 1%. The state record was taken out of area 2 recently.


BisonWyoming Bison priority list has been changed. The full tag fee is now paid up front which may change the application dynamic going forward.  This can be a difficult hunt as the animals have learned to stay on the park. Plan to hunt hard and be prepared to get the meat out yourself, or hire someone who can do it quickly — especially if you are hunting in September.

Keep this in mind when applying for this hunt, it will take some effort, and time to get away from the crowd and find a legal animal.


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  1. Any suggestions for best non resident Combe for elk and mule deer

  2. You’d likely need to build up a few points. You could look at a region D, K, H, Y, or F with a general elk license.

  3. Is their any area where it is possible to hunt elk, mule deer, and antelope with a decent chance of a harvest? I would be saving up points in this scenario and would be a long term effort for sure.

  4. Are you wondering about units where you can hunt elk, deer and antelope during the same season? If so, there are a lot of options in Wyoming. Many areas in Wyoming have opportunities for this to happen, but it will require some point building for each species.


  6. Lots of great units, I would look at some of the areas around Rock Springs.

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