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2012 Photo Contest

It’s that time of year again. We’re excited to get our annual photo contest rolling again this year. This year’s prizes will be bigger than ever. A special thanks to our sponsors: Nielson Productions Taxidermy, Wac’em Broadheads, and Quick Draw Decals.

Last year we had a great contest was a great success, so we’re ramping things up a bit this year. We have some great prizes to give away like Wac’em broadheads from Wac’em Archery Products, some awesome decals from Quick Draw Decals, and a free shoulder mount from! We’re adding more prizes over the next few weeks, so keep checking back.

In the meantime, we’d appreciate you sharing our contest with your buddies, and if you have some photos to share — send them in!

For more information about our contest, entry info, and contest details visit our Contest Page.

Here’s a few photos from previous contests. Good luck this season!

[nggallery id=18]

New Contest Prizes and Info!

I’m excited to spread the word on our latest sponsor – Golden Valley Natural Meat Snacks. These guys have been in the jerky business for a long time and we’re excited to team up with them and provide their products to our contest winners. Check them out at:

You’ve probably heard about our contest that is going on this year – I’ve posted the final rules under the contests section of the site. We’re ending the contest on January 15th – so those of you who are taking photos at the end of the year still have time to get them in. The winners will be picked by Feb. 1, 2012. Thanks to the grand prize winner will receive taxidery services for a free shoulder mount. These guys do a good job on their mounts and I have used them personally. 3 others will be chosen as honorable mentions and recieve a bag of Golden Valley Natural beef jerky and a window decal. So get your photos sent in – the only rule is they need to be taken in the 2011 calendar year!

Speaking of winners – this photo comes in as our weekly fix winner. Seth took this unique buck on the Vernon unit in Utah with his smokepole!

Seth's Big Mule Deer Buck

Thanks for subscribing and let your friends know about!


Decals are here!

Those of you who follow the forum closely, or follow on Social Media sites are probably aware that the HuntAddicts decals are here and showing up on a vehicle near you. We’re proud to be giving them away to winners of our Weekly Fix contest as well as having a few giveaways on facebook.

Hunting season is upon us, so send in your photos. If you get picked as the weekly fix, you’ll get one too! And of course be entered to win a free shoulder mount from our partner — Nielson Productions Taxidermy. (

Happy Hunting! Be safe, and bring home some memories. Window Decal

Who Knew?

Obviously I didn’t. But I’m not too surprised that I was completely unaware of what went into a website. Having no prior web experience, or html, I took on the task of founding Building this new site in the midst of the rest of life is interesting. (I say that as I type at 1:10 a.m.) My wife has gone to bed, and I’m setting up a new blog, the purpose of which is to keep you fellow addicts updated on the goings and comings of I may replace the news section with this blog, which will be easier to keep up to date, including RS feeds, and all the fancy features of WordPress. (That is the foundation of this blog).

The latest thing to announce is the finality of the 2009 HuntAddicts photo contests. I don’t know if you can tell, but I’m pretty excited about it. I sent a mass message out to all the facebook users who have joined the group over there, and need to add a tweet to the twitter machine, so we can get the word out about these contests. Tell your friends, foes, and whoever about it. As soon as the photos start coming in, they will be uploaded for everyone to see.  I might even post them here on this blog, until the contest is over and then they will be posted on the main site forever. (For your viewing/bragging pleasure for years and years to come).

So if you kill a big buck, enter it in the contest. A big bull…well, there is a contest for that as well. I know what you’re thinking…what if I kill a giant antelope, or bear, or a once in ten lifetimes argali ram. Whatever it is you hunt, there is a contest for that, it is called the “Best Field Photo” Contest. Even if you just happen to harvest a great buck with your camera, send it in because it could win.

So that leads me to your next question…what are the prizes? That, my friends, is still under negotiation. But I will tell you that whatever the prizes are, they will be sweet. (Not like a new scentless deodorant sweet, but like “Oh, I’ve been looking at that forever and wanted to buy it, but my wife wouldn’t let me, but I dream about it every day” sweet. So get excited about these contests and tell everyone about them. HuntAddicts apparel is on the way as well. If I can get any of the embroidery guys to call me back, hats will be in process within the week. Check back tomorrow, i’ll post up some hat designs, you can help me choose which one to use for now.

Until my next post, (we’ll see how this works out). Happy Hunting, and send me your photos!